Google Makes Stong Statement About Equal Pay

Photo: USA Today Online
In efforts to bridge the race and gender gap multi-media platform Google has joined in by taking part in #EqualPayDay. Instead of putting together a traditional message Google took to their Twitter to issue a powerful statement on closing the pay gap.

According to Refinery 29:


In a November 2016 report, Glassdoor’s chief economist Andrew Chamberlain looked at compensation across 16 of the most popular tech roles, including computer programmers, software engineers, and mobile developers. Though many people argue that pay differs among men and women in tech because of the roles they are in, Chamberlain found this was far from true. 

Of the companies Glassdoor examined, 75% had “gender pay gaps above the national average of 5.4%, even after controlling for workers’ education, experience, geographic location, and more,” he wrote in the report. Among male and female computer programmers, that gap was especially alarming. On average, men made 28.3% more than women.

 The announcement was met with controversy as many called the announcement ‘fake news’. The simple tweet is only the beginning of a long road ahead, but it’s a great start to say the least.

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