Kobe Bryant And Steve Kerr Show Support To Family Of Slain Teen Jordan Edwards

The news of Jordan Edwards untimely death at the hands of police brutality still doesn’t sit well with many around the world including today’s biggest stars.

When news broke, many professional athletes and entertainers reached out to the Edwards family to help at least distract the pain while the family grieved from the pain they were facing.

With a heavy heart just one day after he buried his younger brother Kevin Edwards celebrated his 17th birthday, but got a big surprise from a Laker legend.

Kevin Edwards received a very warm phone call from his basketball idol Kobe Bryant and also an autographed jersey and 2 pairs of sneakers from the Black Mamba in the mail.

Other NFL and NBA stars also took the time to reach out. Colin Kaepernick spoke with Kevin as well as Golden State’s Andre Igudola and Head Coach Steve Kerr who invited the boys to come out to a playoff game to meet the team. Kerr, also faced a similar story as he lost his father as a teenager when he was a teenager.