Pastor John Gray Tackles Tough Topic Of Police And The Black Community

Photo: Ebony
Known for his quick comedic whit and funny sense of humor, Pastor John Gray and his wife Aventer are perhaps one of the most beloved families at Joel Osteen’s mega church Lakewood Church in Houston, TX. It is there that John serves as the Associate Pastor.

Known for his larger than life sense of humor and his special ability to connect with peoples’ hearts, he brings a message of hope and faith to everyone he meets. A healer, a husband, a father, and a bridge-builder, he’s not your daddy’s preacher. Raised by a single mother, John began preaching at the age of 21, toured as a singer with Grammy award-winning Gospel recording artist Kirk Franklin, and is renowned for his ability to blend comedy, music and entertainment into a unique style of preaching. While he admits that he has faced his own enormous struggles and could easily have become a statistic, he has instead risen to prodigious success and is now trying to be the role model and father that he never had.

Now…as a father of a young black man and the recent deaths of Jordan Edwards and Alton Sterling, John is taking on an even bigger task; educating his young son about police and young black men.

In the excerpt below John and his wife are involved in an ongoing conversation about to to properly have a conversation with their son on how to deal with police.

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