[Politics] Are GA Voters Responsible for the Future of National Healthcare?

Photo: Cosmopolitan
Tom Price, 62, a tea party Republican and orthopedic surgeon from the northern Atlanta suburbs, was elected to Congress in 2004 after four terms in the Georgia state Legislature. Representative Tom Price selection as secretary of health and human services is troubling and will cause a challenge to progressive policies that ensures healthcare insurance and healthcare access to millions of Americans. 
Representative Price has a known history of advocating for policies that are beneficial to his special interest friends versus advocating for policies that benefit the American people. For example, he has waded into issues related to specific drugs and medical devices, making 38 inquiries with the Food and Drug Administration, according to federal records obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. He questioned the FDA on his constituents’ behalf about matters as minute as a device for fertility treatment and an ingredient in pain creams. 

President-elect Trumps selection of representative Tom Price is warranted to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act because no one is more prepared than Representative Tom Price, who has been studying how to accomplish that goal for more than six years. For example, Price has offered several plans, including the Empowering Patients First Act, to repeal and replace the president’s health reforms. He favors instead offering patients health savings accounts which they may tap to pay for coverage and care, and tax credits to help people buy health insurance on their own. Some republicans have attacked the Affordable Care Act without proposing an alternative, Mr. Price has introduced bills offering a detailed, comprehensive replacement plan in every Congress since 2009, when Democrats started work on the legislation. Many of his ideas are included in the “Better Way” agenda issued several months ago by House Republicans.

Assuming the role of secretary of human and health services will empower Representative Tom Price to execute and repeal Obamacare which has provided over 30 million Americans with health insurance. Representative Tom Price has a history of going to bat for companies whose executives and employees have generously contributed to his campaigns and political action committees. Once again, Representative Tom Price is at bat, this time is just on a larger stage.