[INTERVIEW] Uncle Luke Talks Mentoring Devonta Freeman; “When He Made The Pro Bowl I Cried, He’s God Sent”

Correspondent: Bria Janelle
Shot By: Torrey Fields
There is a strong bond that runs deep between Atlanta Falcons RB Devonta Freeman and Hip Hop icon Uncle Luke. Recently Freeman hosted his 1st Annual Devonta Freeman Celebrity Bowling competition at Brunswick Lanes in Norcross, GA. Fans came out early to support the good cause, along with past and present NFL stars. 

One notable guest that caught our eye was Hip Hop icon Uncle Luke, which by the way had a pretty good day of bowling. The former member and leader of the 2 Live Crew was out supporting Freeman which he considered a son, as he gave back to the community and a good cause. Luke had no problem on reminiscing on the first time he met Freeman during pop warner, and mentoring him since the age of 8. Press play to check out the full interview above. 

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