Student Contest Submission: 5 Reasons Why Lebron James Is My Hero

Photo: Forbes

Story: Jahzi Norman

My role model is LeBron James. LeBron James is my role model because he has 14 total NBA awards, he went tthe NBA at the age of 18, and LeBron is one of the best players ever to play the sport of basketball. 


LeBron James has won 14 NBA awards. The NBA awards he has won are three NBA championships, four NBA Most Valuable Player Awards, three NBA Finals MVP Awards, two Olympic gold medals, one NBA scoring title, and NBA Rookie of the Year in 2004. 

 LeBron James came to the NBA at the age of 18. LeBron skipped college meaning he came to the NBA straight out of high school. The high school LeBron James attended was St. Mary High School. The team he first got drafted to was the Cleveland Cavaliers, in 2003. 


LeBron James is one of the best players ever to play the sport of basketball. LeBron is one of the best NBA players and played with the best of the best. LeBron played with the household names such as 
Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, 
Shaquille O’neal, Kevin Garnett, Kyrie Irving and many more. 


Those are the many reasons why LeBron James is my hero/someone I admire and why he is one of the best NBA players ever to live.