[EXCLUSIVE] Killer Mike, Usher, Polow Da Don, and Jermaine Dupri Using Their Power to Change the Community

Media by Tash Wright at Loud Genius

Last month, we watched Killer Mike speak on racial matters in America and solutions for bridging the gap between black and whites. We also learned that he’s an entrepreneur and activist as shared his views.

Almost a month later, he brought his powerful words to life with the help of Usher, Polow Da Don, and Jermaine Dupri by organizing an event in Atlanta to educate the community on the importance of managing finances and supporting local businesses.

We got a chance to speak with Killer Mike, as he explains the vitality of supporting small, local, and black businesses, as well as the way the system works when it comes to building a business. So, this is what we learned from the activist. Small and local businesses have the biggest impact on communities because they’re the ones who are willing to help the community. By helping our community, they have the potential to build community support, and with community support, businesses gain power to delegate and control. This eventually takes their business to the next level- to a regional level. And from there, the sky’s the limit, as long as they continue to support the people.

Watch Killer Mike’s breakdown:

Now, this information isn’t rocket science, but the reason why this is so great and impactful is because these black leaders are actually sharing their knowledge, and making something great of it. These are true leaders. These activists used Citizen’s Trust Bank as their host, and opened bank account for citizens of the community, to kick-start our community’s road to success.

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