Lions DE Brandon Copeland Saves 90% Of His NFL Earnings By Working On Wall Street

Photo: Mike Mulholland | file
Now this is a pretty interesting story that may catch a lot of people by surprise. While many NFL stars may spend their off season traveling, training and simply just living life, 25-year-old Detroit Lions DE Brandon Copeland is punching the clock part-time on Wall Street.

Copeland joined the financial world in the off season landing a job at Weiss in March as a spring analyst. He officially accepted the part time offer in 2016 but it could be around much longer if Copeland chooses to accept the offer.  He is currently assisting Darnowishki, a trader in the IPO and valuation division of the company and helping develop financial strategies to help investors decide on what exactly they want to spend their money on.

Weiss….run by two University Of Pennsylvania football players (George Weiss and Nick Morris) took a quick interest in Copeland after initially meeting through the football program. Copeland continued to nurture the relationship, seeking mentors, asking for advise, which in turn, turned out to be pretty beneficial in the long run!