Winner Wireless CEO Aslam Ajani Is Changing The Cell Phone Industry One Case At A Time

Winner Wireless CEO Aslam Ajani is changing the cell phone industry one case at a time and only looks to expand.

During CES 2017 in Las Vegas I had an opportunity to visit with Aslam and the Winner Wireless staff at their booth in the North Hall of the LVCC.

If you are a sports fan, or you’re just passionate about a school then Winner Wireless is here to help you take your passion and fan support to the next level.

Question…how many times have been at a sporting event and picked up your phone to answer a call, take a selfie, send a text message or try to catch yourself on the jumbo tron, and wish you would have had a cooler case on your phone….I sure have!

While browsing through some of the cool custom cases Winner Wireless offers, I came across a pretty cute one of my favorite college athletics team, The University Of Georgia Bulldogs.

After checking out a few of the cases I had an opportunity to speak with Aslam to get the creative process and backstory as to how he’s changing the mobile case game. Press play to check out our full interview below.

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