Genius: Tribeca Film Festival Red Carpet Recap

 Story & Interview” Nori Nori


“The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing”- Albert Einstein. The National Geographic channel releases its first scripted television series; the critically acclaimed, Genuis. 
Albert Einstein (played by Geoffrey Rush), a nobel peace prize physicist who shaped the 21st Century is the subject of the new show. He was more than the mathematician that gave us theories of special and general relativity but a complex man layers. 
He was in constant competition with colleagues, had the government aka big brother watching his every move, was a ladies man, had family problems and a son with mental health issues just a name a few of the woes he encountered. 
Last but not least following his life during the holocaust and the reign of Hitler. This terrible time in history brought Einstein to to the U.S. where he was became a civil rights activist. This 10 hour series takes a look at the man behind the math. 
I hit the red carpet to talk to the executive producers and cast about their roles in Genius:  
Samantha Colley – Mileva Maric
Richard Topol – Fritz Haber
Gwendolyn Ellis – Young Elsa Einstein
T.R. Knight – J. Edgar Hoover
Michael McElhatton – Dr. Philipp Lenard
Seth Gabel – Michele Besso
Sam Sokolow and Kenneth Biller- Executive Producers
Genius airs on National Geographic, April 25th. Check your local listings. 

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