Gilbert Gottfried Leaves No Stone Unturned On ‘Gilbert’ Tribeca Film Festival Red Carpet

Interviews: Nori Nori & Bria Janelle
Photo: EW
One of the most notorious voices of the ages and in comedy is coming to a screen near you the new documentary by director Neil Berkeley, Gilbert. Berkeley set out to do what no one had done before and that was follow around comedic legend Gilbert Gottfried and tell his story.

The world knows Gilbert as this funny man with the loud voice but what about how he is at home and when he is working on a project or with his long time friends? He is unapologetically brash and foul-mouthed but that is only one layer of the famed comic.

The film peeks at Gottfried’s life in Brooklyn, and how comedy was the light at the end of the tunnel in dark situations. He pushes his audience and Berkeley does a great job of pushing Gottfried in the documentary, Gilbert. On the red carpet Bria Janelle spoke the director, Neil Berkeley, Artie Lange and the man of the hour himself Gilbert Gottfried accompanied with his wife Dana Kravitz. 

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