“Hondros” – War Photographer Chris Hondros Life As Told By Director And Best Friend Greg Campbell

Photo: Tribeca Film Festival
“Hondros” a biography about the life and photographs of famed war photographer Chris Hondros is directed by his best friend Greg Campbell.

Campbell retraces his steps throughout his career. You may not know Chris Hondros by name but I guarantee, you have seen one is his epic war photos.

Hondros was a risk taker and he put his life on the line numerous times to tell the stories of the unknown.

Hondros had an eye for capturing scenes of war in the most poetic way; he connected his audience with the humanity of it all.

Greg Campbell chronicles Hondros’ life that was tragically cut short at the age of 41 in 2011 in Libya.

“Hondros” pays tribute to his passion, empathy, bravery and heroism that was his greatness. There is a fine line that is walked between journalist and photographers and the pairing of Chris and Greg since the age of 14 is almost kismet.

In the film colleagues share Hondros’ drive, his sense of humor, and his compassion for those he covered. His love for the people manifested itself with his assignments. He often times became friends with and sought after those he photographed. He shared his heart and even paid for the education of a Liberian grenade-launcher. He facilitated a young Iraqi boy’s treatment in Boston for injuries suffered when his family was in accidentally hit by American soldiers. Hondros was a honorable man, who honored people and his work spoke for itself.

Campbell’s film illustrates how Hondros’ pictures did not shy away from the  darkest, ugliest, most gruesome aspects of hostile territory. He was a noble man and in his efforts he changed many lives. It is unfortunate he was killed before he could marry his love and begin that portion of his life. He was a true inspiration. Hondros’ life long friend, director, Greg Campbell, executive producers Jamie Lee Curtis who later brought in her godson Jake Gyllenhaal  and a host of others will carry his legacy on through time with this incredible film.

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