Bob Marley’s Grandson Signs With The Washington Redskins

Congrats are in order for Nico Marley, grandson of the late reggae singer Bob Marley, who signed with the Washington Redskins as a un-drafted Free Agent.

Marley attended Tulane University Green Waver where he played linebacker on the football team. As an undersized linebacker Marley trie out for the teams rookie minicamp over the weekend and made the cut.  As a Senior standing 5-foot-8 close to 20 pounds he lead the way during his senior season with 88 tackles, 14 of which included losses. He was name two time first team All-American Athletic Conference for the last two seasons.

But…Nico isn’t the only one making headlines on the football field. His father Rohan Marley  played linebacker for the University of Miami from 1992-1994.