ESPN 30 For 30: Tribeca Film Festival Sports Shorts Red Carpet Recap w/ Collin Hanks, Jason Skylaver, and Brian Beigel

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Yesterday we hit the red carpet at the Tribeca Film Festival for the ESPN 30 for 30 Sports Shorts screenings and man was it an awesome time. During the red carpet I had a chance to catch up with Collin Hanks, Director of “The Amazing Adventures of Wally and The Worm”, “The Counterfeiter” Director Brian Beigel and “Revolution In The Ring” Director Jason Sklaver’s.

In their collaborative efforts with ESPN’s 30 for 30 special these Directors completely put their all in bringing these untold stories to light. The Amazing Adventures of Wally and The Worm reminisce on the most epic 10 days of young Chicago Bulls intern Wally Blase’s life.

When Dennis Rodman hurts his knee with four weeks to go in the Chicago Bulls ’96-’97 NBA championship season, young assistant trainer Wally BlasĂ© is assigned to oversee his rehab, and the two forge a close friendship over 10 wild days of fast living recounted by director Colin Hanks through animation and first-person confessions.

Home grown New York talent Brian Biegel took a different approach taking a look inside a nearly $100 million dollar sports counterfeiting operation which change the autograph game forever. The short features actual wiretapped phone calls and surveillance video. This film explores how the FBI brought down the largest counterfeit operation in U.S. history during the summer of 1998, thanks to the help of some major league baseball players.

Last but not least Revolution In The Ring Director Jason Sklaver’s shares the lesser known story of the greatest fight to never happen.

The story of Cuban boxer Teofilo Stevenson, who in 1962 chose to stay in his home country rather than defect, this film examines through the lens of Cuban-American politics how his life and the life of the Cuban people were dramatically altered by the embargo.

Press play below to check out the full interview. 

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