[EXCLUSIVE] 5 Reason’s Why 2016 Just May Be ‘The Year Of The #24’

probowlD6102-401Story: Torrey Fields
Photo: HKSR Photography

The numerology behind the number 24 is a number of family, harmony, idealism, and companionship. There’s a desire for long-term security. In the sports world, however, it’s a number of greatness!  

From legends like Willie Mays in baseball to NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon many have sported the number 24, but few have worn it with greatness. 
Earlier this year, it was announced that another famous 24 will be inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame, his name is Ken Griffey Jr. How fitting is it that FOX just announced the return of it’s hit show 24:Legacy.  This reboot of the iconic series will cast ‘Straight Outta Compton’s’ breakout star Corey Hawkins in the leading role. Is this the year of 24?
With the football season coming to a end, we seen two more legends who wore this now famous number in Marshawn Lynch and Charles Woodson walk away from the game they have played so well and at a high level.  
The NBA All-Star game is this weekend and we will be saying  goodbye to Kobe Bryant, whom in 2006 made the switch to 24. Bryant announced earlier this season that this would be his last. 
With the emergence of Carolina Panthers Josh Norman and Atlanta Falcons Devonta Freeman, I think the number 24 will continue down the road of greatnes, but today lets pay our respect to 3 guys who without doubt made this, the year of 24.

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