Is Earth Flat or Round? B.o.B Challenges Scientists



Rapper, B.o.B, has something to say about Earth and its geometric structure that has scientists objecting his theory of Earth being flat, instead of spherical, like what majority of the world has believed to be true of our planet.

With this being said, we can conclude that the theory of earth being flat is reemerging in the 21st century, and researchers are supporting their own theories and finds, while people like B.o.B are attempting to debunk them.

This reemergence has been dubbed “The Flat Earth Movement” and it’s giving us something to at least think about.

B.o.B expressed his new-found views on Twitter and sparked the virtual debate between he and scientist, Neil deGrasse Tyson:

He directs our attention to the moon:


Then he brings in NASA:


Tyson responds:


Point, blank, period, B.o.B wants proof of a spherical Earth and would like to see the proof with his own eyes, rather than to believe what scientists and researchers have been studying, finding, and teaching us for centuries.

What do you think?


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