Google In Talks To Buy Soundcloud For An Estimated $500 Million Dollars

Photo: Soundcloud
Good things come to the go getters, and that seems to be true for tech giant Google. In a recent article released by Music Business Worldwide, Google has put their bid in to buy German based company Soundcloud which holds nearly 175 Million users worldwide.

The company initially looked to sell their company to Spotify for an estimated $1 Billion dollars, but after Spotify seem to have back out, the company has decided to go in another direction.

After much delegation, and valuing their company at $1 Billion, Soundcloud has decided to lower their price tag for about $500 Million dollars and Google seems to be “very interested”.

According to MBW, SoundCloud hired former Google exec Holly Lim as its first ever CFO in September last year – namely to “maintain SoundCloud’s financial health and capitalize on new opportunities for growth”.