Meet Michelle Blue: Host of New Entrepreneurial Web Series “The Journey With Blue”

The Journey

Meet Michelle Blue. Beautiful, elegant, and infinitely kind. Michelle’s mystique presence and inviting demeanor makes it very easy to find yourself spending hours conversing with her concerning life’s many facets. Michelle’s background and experiences allows her to connect with virtually anyone for the sake of purposeful conversation. Her patient ear and unbiased heart always finds a way to shed light on opportunity for growth, advancement, and reconciliation.

I’ve had the opportunity to know Michelle for more than 15 years. During this time I’ve been amazed by the amount of resilience and grace gifted to one individual. The power of Michelle’s intent and commitment to God, family, friends, and self has birthed a champion of overwhelming odds. Her sense of humor, poise,bravery, and ability to maintain an authoritative presence even amongst the foulest of men foreshadows a rose blossomed in the concrete of Decatur, Ga.

I was not surprised when Michele and her lifelong friend Sasha Matthews began their first business venture, Bene Scarves, a high end scarf company whose proceeds supports the education of young women in Ghana. The announcement of her independent web series, “The Journey With Blue”, was very timely and compliments her personality very well. encourages young minds to seek a virtuous life filled with purpose, diversity, and value. We hope ‘The Journey’ offers our viewers access to real conversation with real people. Support Michelle’s efforts aim to pave a way of understanding for those aspiring to make greater strides in the lanes of entrepreneurship. It is with great pleasure that we introduce our audience to “The Journey With Blue.”